Reena is a business analyst working with IBM, she just got transferred to Gurgoan after working in Pune for around 5 years. Her company offered her a temporary accommodation near her Cyberhub office in DLF phase 2.  She needs to find an accommodation and shift within next 15 days.

Pooja is selected for an internship with Big 4, her office is on golf course road, she is researching the internet to get a decent yet affordable accommodation near her office. Her options are limited and she doesn’t know much about Gurgaon so not aware of locality. Her family is making few frantic calls to find common connections who can help her in getting an accommodation.

If you are working woman, finding an accommodation in a city like Gurgaon is a real challenge. You have limited options to choose from.

The Auntijis, RWA members, Society presidents have one thing in common; they can’t imagine single girls living in a group. (2-3 members living in a common flat). If you overcome this challenge and get an accommodation, the battle is half won. The even bigger project is to get a maid who can cook something worthy of eating.

Worry, No more…

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you find an affordable, accessible and decent accommodation in Gurgaon. Let’s start by listing your options –

Studio Apartments

Studio Apartments are the best option for working woman, you can stay alone or find a roommate to share the expenses. If you are lucky you can find a furnished apartment for yourself, it may sound bit costly but you will be able to save a good initial amount.

Most studio apartments have one furnished bedroom and a kitchen; if you can cook on your own, you are all set. Otherwise, you can ask your landlady to connect you with a trusted maid cum cook.

Localities with studio apartments – Sushant Lok, Sector 38, Sector 39, Aardee City, sector 54, 55, and 56, DLF phase 2, South city 1 and 2 and various societies on Sohna road have studio apartments.

Flats and flatmates

Connect with people who have been through the rigorous process you are experiencing right now. This is your best bet. A little search can help you get a shared accommodation with existing roommates and all facilities. There are so many flats and flatmates Group on Facebook where you can connect with people with similar requirements. You can also form your own gang and start looking for options. You can get one room in a two or three BHK flat, you will find most things already in place, your existing roommates are looking for someone to share expenses.

This looks a great option if you can avoid some common pitfalls. Since you are moving with people who are already living together, so finding a chemistry would be a challenge. Look for people who match with your eating and spending habits. It requires a level of maturity and understanding on your part to find a common ground. Be a good observer and trade with caution for first few days.

Here is a list of flatmate groups which are active and non-spammy.

Paying Guest Accommodation

This is another good option for you if you are new to the city and don’t understand much of its dynamics. PG accommodation is affordable, easy to find and accessible. Look for options in the area which is easy to access by metro and other public means of transport.  Most paying guest facilities are market driven, they keep accessibility in mind which opening a new facility. You can easily get a good paying guest accommodation in areas like sector 21, Sector 22, Sukhrali, Sector 17, Sector 38 and Near MG Road Metro station.

PGs for girls would be a good option but you should keep few things in mind while selecting a PG.

  1. You should have access to the kitchen.
  2. Make sure you taste the food before finalizing.
  3. Always ask questions about power back, water supply and electricity bill.

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