Frequently asked Questions

When you decide to choose a stay option, there are a lot of things in your mind before you can decide. Our FAQ section is designed to help you make an informed decision after looking at every aspect. Here is the list of questions which our residents often ask. We want you to have maximum clarity before you decide to stay with us.

Room type –

We have three room sharing options. 2,3 4 sharing rooms are designed to offer both economical and comfortable stay for working woman. Our 4 sharing facility is very spacious and often liked by people who are interns or just starting their careers. Sharing with 4 people would not mean space crunch or inconvenience, it would just mean more space, more roommates to chat with. Here are few common queries we have about the room types and options of stay –

Q.- Do you offer single room pg in Gurgaon?

ANS.- Yes, We do offer the single room as well. Single rooms are prepared on special request, depending on your room size requirements, we can convert any room size in a single room. The cost of the single room will depend on the room size you are choosing. We will offer a double bed, two side table and attached washroom in single room facility.

Q.- I am Searching for working womens hostel in Gurgaon. Is your PG Suitable?

ANS.-Yes, in all aspects. Anand PG is the most convenient, accessible and friendly stay for working woman in Gurgaon. We have food facility, comfortable room and a safe stay for girls. Most of our guests are working in the Cyberhub, Udhyog Vihar, Sector 44, Sohna Road, Gwal Pahadi etc. We have guests working in E&Y, Ericsson, TCS, IBM, other multinational companies, and startups.

Q.- Do you have unisex pg in Gurgaon?

ANS.- No, It’s not a unisex PG. Its only for girls. Males guests are not allowed to either stay or visit rooms inside our PG. Visitors have limited access and must be accompanied by PG staff while visiting our premise, free roaming is not permitted. This is to ensure the safety of our guests.

Q.- I am looking for pg in Gurgaon near DLF cyber city. How far is your premise?

ANS.- DLF Cybercity hosts all big corporate offices of Gurgaon. We have multiple guests who work in various companies of cybercity. Its approx 2-3 KM from our PG depending on which building you want to go. Various commuting options are available from our PG. Here are few –

  1. Shared Auto – You can take a Shared auto from MG road, it takes around 10-15 minutes depending on traffic situation and timing of the day. Shared auto ferries until Udhyog Vihar Phase 2 and 3 via Shankar Chowk.
  2. Rapid Metro – You can take a walk till the nearest metro station, either MG Road or Sikandarpur metro station and take the metro which goes via Cybercity. If you are taking the metro from MG road station, you will have to change at Sikanderpur. The rapid metro station from sikanderpur will have direct metro to Cyberhub.
  3. Auto or Cabs – You can book a cab or auto from Anand PG. Our location is listed on Google Maps as Anand Girls PG Gurgaon – MG Road. It takes around 10 minutes to reach with auto or cab.

Q.- How far is your pg in Gurgaon from bus stand?

ANS.- Anand PG is around 6 KM from the main bus stand in Gurgaon. There is another bus stop on Iffco Chowk which is around one KM. You can get buses to Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh and all cities of Haryana from the Iffco Chowk itself.

Q.- What is the size of your rooms?

ANS.- We have big spacious rooms for all 3 sharing types. Here is the size table to help you understand various available sizes.

  • 2 sharing room – 12*10 =120 Square Feet
  • 3 Sharing rooms – 12*16 = 192 Square Feet
  • 4 Sharing rooms – 12*20 =240 Square Feet

Q.- What are the facilities within rooms?

ANS.- All our rooms are equipped with box bed (Size 3*6.5), Separate wardrobe with lockers, 1.5 Ton AC, Fans (4 sharing room has two fans), Attached washrooms (With English Style commode, shower, Dressing mirror and wash basin, exhaust ventilation, and marble flooring. ) You will get a 32″ TV with Airtel DTH Connection, a side table, and mattress inside the room. wifi is accessible from the room.

Q.- Do you open space for sitting?

ANS.- Yes, we have an open dining area in front of our kitchen, it offers a great view of Gurgaon. Look at the picture below. Also, there is a sitting space on every storey where you can sit and have the chitchat with your buddies or roommates.

Q.- Where Can I find reviews about your PG?

ANS.- Our Guests keep sharing their experience of staying with us, you can find our reviews on our business page on google maps.Check the most recent reviews here.

Food Quality, timings, and other queries –

We have three room sharing options. 2,3 4 sharing rooms are designed to offer both economical and comfortable stay for working woman. Our 4 sharing facility is very spacious and often liked by people who are interns or just starting their careers. Sharing with 4 people would not mean space crunch or inconvenience, it would just mean more space, more roommates to chat with. Here are few common queries we have about the room types and options of stay –

Q.- Do you have a pg in Gurgaon with food facility?

ANS.- Yes, Anand Girls pg has food facility. We provide 3-time vegetarian food on all seven days. Its a home cooked food in a common kitchen inside PG premise. We decide on a weekly suggestive menu which we follow with little customization. We keep a close track of food quality and hygiene. Its a quality mix of green vegetables, rice, chapati and other north Indian food items.

Q.- How Do you Ensure Food Quality?

ANS.- A Quality food is an outcome of three distinct processes.

  1. Procurement and storage – A healthy food would depend on what spices are procured, what quality of rice is purchased, what is the floor being procured etc. We maintain a total control of the procurement process and work only with selected vendors who are extra cautious about the quality of supply. The second aspect of quality is storage of food items after procurement, we are extra cautious in storing our ration in safe and hygienic space, we have a store inside the kitchen with proper ventilation in order to maintain the quality. Green vegetables are procured afresh.
  2. Preparation – The food is prepared by experienced cooking staff with the focus on the quality and taste both. We have a daily feedback mechanism to maintain the quality and taste.
  3. Hygiene – Food hygiene is taken care at all levels, be it cleanliness of the kitchen, cooking staff, use of RO water in food preparation or keeping a tap on the

Q.- What is your meal timings?

ANS.- The food timings start as follows –
Food timingsWeekdaysWeekends
Breakfast7:00 AM 9:00 AM
Lunch8:30 AM1:00 PM
Dinner7:30 PM7:30 PM

Q.- Can I eat Non-Vegetarian food?

ANS.- Anand PG is a vegetarian premise. If you have craving for a non-veg food, we suggest you eat in nearby available options. There are so many food joints which serve delicious food of all varieties. With all due respect to your individual food habits and choices, we are particular about this policy and no violation is possible.

Q.- Can I cook Non-vegetarian food?

ANS.- We don’t have the facility to cook non-veg food inside Anand PG premise. Your Best option is suggested in the above question.

Q.- Can I Cook my own food on daily basis?

ANS.- While we allow occasional self-cooking and its rejoicing break from a daily routine to cook and share the food you love. We do not have a separate infrastructure for daily cooking, rest assured we have always maintained both quality, quantity, and taste of food, you would love the food we serve.

Q.- Can I stay without opting the food facility?

ANS.- Yes, you can opt out of the food facility completely in case you have your own arrangments. Partial opt-out is not allowed, neither it has any impact on the rent. (like, I don’t want to have dinner 🙂 )

Payment and booking –

ANS.- We have most flexible and convenient payment options. It adds to the ease of your stay and overall comfort. You can pay when you are in PG via cash, cheque, ECS or any other medium. There is no derth of payment options. The rooms can be booked in advance via online payment or bank transfer. After online payment, share the transaction ID with us to process your Tax Invoice. Here are few questions people ask over phone or email, we tried to give a detailed answer, if you have further queries after reviewing below, you may reach out to us.

Q.- Can I book In advance?

ANS.- Yes, in case you are coming from a distance and want to be sure that you get a room when you land in Gurgaon. You can book your room in advance, give us a call and we will help you book. You can pay a token amount of INR 2000 for a confirmed booking, and we will ensure that a room is available to you when you reach in Gurgaon. Before booking, you may want to confirm that you are choosing the best option for yourself. Check our Photo Gallery, Life at Anand PG and room type to be sure.

Q.- Do you accept payments by Cheque?

ANS.- Yes, Options to pay using cheque is available to us.

Q.- Can I Pay Online?

ANS.- Yes, online NEFT, IMPS transfer option is available. We do not have a payment gateway facility yet. It might be introduced in future.

Q.- Do you accept payment in cash?

ANS.- Yes, you can pay in cash as well. There are no such restrictions.

Q.- How Can I get the receipt/invoice?

ANS.- The receipt invoice is shared with everyone after the payment of monthly rent, you can collect your rent invoice from the office.

Q.- How Often Do you increase/revise Rent?

ANS.- Rent is revised in the month of February but not every year. You will be notified in 2 months in advance about your increased rent.

Q.- Is there a security Deposit?

ANS.- Yes, we keep a security deposit equal to one month rent. It’s fully refundable when you vacate after 30 days of notice. A written notice to vacate is mandatory to claim the security deposit.

Q.- Are there any hidden charges?

ANS.- The rent is inclusive of all costs of your food, TV, WiFi, housekeeping etc. The electricity charges would be extra and that is calculated and divided among roommates according to the unit consumed. We have separate electricity meters for every room. There are no hidden maintenance, development or any other charge, everything at Anand PG is transparent.

Stay of guests and parents –

ANS.- When you are staying with us, your parents may often want to visit you. The dual purpose of visiting you is to meet you and to have a first-hand review of facilities and security at our PG. We always welcome your parents to visit you and meet us in person. Male guests (including your friends or colleagues ) have a restricted access inside our premise. We do not encourage or endorse morale policing, this is a measure to ensure the safety of everyone. Our PG is located in heart of Gurgaon, you have lots of eating and sitting options at a walking distance where you can meet your friends or colleagues, there are no restrictions on going out.

Q.- My parents want to visit me. Can they stay with me?

ANS.- Yes, We welcome your parents to stay with us and enjoy our hospitality. There would be no extra charge for a 1-2 night stay for your parents. Your mother and sister can stay with you in your room. Extra arrangements would be made for your father or brother depending on the availability. We get a lot of requests and since we have a limited extra capacity, a prior information is necessary for a comfortable stay.

Q.- What are the charges for parents stay?

ANS.- There is no charge for your parents if they stay at Anand PG for 1-2 days. In fact, we feel glad to have them stay with you, it’s assuring for them to see everything, they will be able to feel the safety, security and food quality on their own. Your mother and Sister can even stay with you in your room. No Male guest (Including your father or brother) is allowed to stay in your room. They can only visit you during the daytime and need to be accompanied by Anand PG staff.

Q.- Do you have a guest room?

ANS.- Yes, we have one guest room, prior booking and information are mandatory to avail this facility. Guest room can only be booked for female guests.

Safety and Security-

ANS.- This is our Top priority at our PG and we are always on top of it. We have a single entrance which is always monitored both electronically and manually to ensure safe and avoid any intrusion. Though we stay in a prime location and no untoward incident have ever been reported in this society, still, it can not be left to a chance.

Q.- What are the measures of safety and security?

ANS.- Your Safety always tops our priority at Anand PG. We have adequate measures to ensure a safe stay for you at Anand PG. No unauthorized access is permitted, the entry is monitored constantly. The entire building, front gate, and rooftop are under CCTV surveillance. Everyone including the Cooking, security staff and residents undergo a police verification. No male staff is allowed in your room at odd hours and without permission. We keep seeking feedback from residents and ensure no security is breached at any point.

Q.- I work in a night (Odd) Shift, Can I stay at your PG?

ANS.- Off Course. Anand PG is accessible 24*7, Our main entrance is locked at 10:00 PM but guarded by the security staff. All companies offer cab service for people working at odd hours, our security staff will ensure a smooth entry for you even in late night hours.

Q.- Can I share your contact with my parents?

ANS.- Off Course! In fact, we insist that you do so. Your parents can always reach out to us to share any feedback and concerns. Also, it helps in emergency and medical situations, we always ensure that we have contact details of your parents or guardians.

Feedback mechanism-

Q.- How do you collect feedback about food?

ANS.-We are always open to feedback and suggestions from our residents, if you have any queries, concerns or feedback, you can come to PG office and talk to the management staff, we have a weekly menu meeting, you can come and share your suggestions about the food menu, taste, and quality.

In case you wish to share an anonymous feedback, you can put in a box which we have put right outside the PG office.

If your query is still not addressed, Feel free to drop an email to or call 9871659945.

Q.- Can I book a single room pg in Gurgaon?

ANS.-Yes, We can prepare a single room on request. The room will have all facilities and amenities including box bed, two wardrobes, Attached bathroom, AC, and TV. You can enjoy your privacy, comfort, and flexibility in a single occupancy room.

Q.- What kind of pg you have in Gurgaon? Is this a corporate pg?

ANS.- No, it’s not maintained for a single company. Anand Girls pg is open for all girls accommodation. We have a preference for working woman, though students and interns are also welcome.

Q.- Where all Do you have working women’s hostel in Gurgaon?

ANS.- We have Paying guest accommodation for working woman in Sukhrali, Sector 17, Sector 14, and Sector 28 in Gurgaon.

Q.- Do you have a pg in Gurgaon near dlf cyber city?

ANS.- Yes, Anand Girls pg is very close to DLF Cybercity. The distance is about 3 kilometers and we have multiple commuting options such as sharing auto, rapid metro, cabs etc. We have many residents who are working in DLF Cybercity in Gurgaon.

Q.- I am looking for a PG in gurgaon sector 14, how far is your PG From here?

ANS.- Yes, Anand Girls pg has multiple stay options in Gurgaon. Sector 14 is very close to our PGs in sector 17. You can commute using a shared auto or city bus.

Q.- Do you have a hostel for students in gurgaon?

ANS.- We have multiple woman hostels in Gurgaon, these are equally accessible for both students and working woman. Most of our residents are working woman, though.

Q.- How safe is pg in Gurgaon for a female?

ANS.- When you are staying away from home, safety and security is a primary concern. Your safety in Gurgaon depends on multiple factors; the locality you are staying, the safety measures taken by the management, the caretaker (Family or othervise)

Customer Reviews

  • 5 star review  PG for girls, located at a walking distance from Metro station. Managed by a experienced women and dedicated staff. Very neat and clean and furnished. Should be the preferred option for anyone working on MG Road and nearby areas and looking for a home like atmosphere.

    thumb Ankit Gaur

    5 star review  Anand PG is located near to MG road Metro station. This the best PG for girls, highly safe and secured for all working girls.Very well managed by experienced Lady with a trained and dedicated staff. Well furnished neat and clean rooms with superb food what else you need after coming back from a tiring day of office. I personally find it the best and preferred accommodation for girls.

    thumb Alpa Srivastava
  • 5 star review  Best PG in Gurgaon for working girl. It’s been 5-6 months here feeling so comfortable and no safety issue. Well furnished neat and clean room … hygiene issues…good food…helpfull people …good transportation facilities . Highly recommended .

    thumb soni raman

    5 star review  It’s in a very good locality with highly accessible market and metro connectivity. The services provided are true to what is being promised and the people are extremely helpful and sweet. The place is safe and food is amazing. It is probably one of the best PGs in that area.

    thumb Saumya Agarwal
  • 5 star review  Very good safe and secure place for girls to stay in Gurgaon. My cousin sister stayed there , family environment 24 hr CCTV surveillance clean and hygienic food and all the civic amenities are near by

    thumb burhan khan

    5 star review  This is one of the best pg to stay in gurugram. Location is good, well managed pg, nice people, good quality food, secure n safe. Stayed there around 16 months. overall my experience was great…Highly recommended.

    thumb radha singh
  • 5 star review  Superb experience…Place is fully safe for Girls with all the modern amenities at Prime Location. Rooms are specious, Clean and Food quality is good. Overall value for money. Go for it…

    thumb Gunjan Sharma

    5 star review  This PG is Good. Good food quality and also good facilities in room.. Many Peoples are live in this PG and it’s all are very helpful in nature.


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