A Letter to your Parents

Not the best time to be a father of growing daughter. 

Scary but true that is.

You worry about her almost every second, you know she is strong and capable, still, the environment outside makes you nervous.

Your concern about her safety, security and well being is genuine and out of love. Afterall, your daughter is the greatest gift you gave to this world and you have all the right and responsibility to be assured of her safety and well being.

Almost every day, we hear the news of a woman safety being compromised, even infant girls are not spared.

We at Anand Girls PG, totally understand and appreciate your concern and do everything possible in our rights to ensure a safe and secure stay for your daughter. This responsibility is really huge and demands a vigilant attitude every moment.

Here are few measures we have taken to ensure a safe and secure stay for her –

No unauthorized access – 

We are absolutely clear in this regard. Nobody is allowed to enter the premise without a proper reason and permission. Delivery boys and suppliers do not have permission to go beyond the security gate. All maintenance staff (Like sweeper, garbage collector, electricians, plumber) are not allowed to go alone, they are always accompanied by the security guard.

No male member of management staff or cook is allowed to enter any room for any reason. Only female staff will go and attend any query or concern. We have a single point of entry which is monitored 24*7.

Family Support – 

Our family stays inside the PG Premise, we eat together with residents, listen to their concerns and proactively address them. This helps us build trust and a comfortable family environment.

There are few issues which can not be discussed with the male members, caretakers, hence the female staff is proactive in building a family bond where people can share without worrying.

Drinking, partying is Prohibited 

While we celebrate almost every festival to build a family-like environment; partying and drinking are strictly prohibited inside the Anand PG Premise. This single rule helps minimize any chances of ruckus or untoward incident.

Entry-Exit logs 

We maintain a log of entry and exit at Anand PG. Every resident is expected to make an entry while they are going our and coming back in PG. It helps us discover the time they are spending outside. In case of suspected behavior, we can always inform you and find out whats happening.

Electronic Surveillance-

All floors, kitchen, and rooftop are under electronic Surveillance 24*7. There is the only single point of entry inside the PG which is closely monitored.

24*7 Security

An alert security staff is always there to guard the main gate and deter any unauthorized access. The gates are locked after 9:30 PM every day. All in and out movements are logged in entry register.

Police verification of staff and residents

Everyone staying at the PG goes through a police verification. For residents, we initiate the process on the first day after necessary formalities. All our staff can join only after the verification is done to our satisfaction.

A Fine line between her right to privacy and our responsibility

The electronic surveillance is restricted to common areas like entrance, floors, kitchen, and rooftop only. We never ask personal questions when they are going out, we only want to know whom to reach out in case of emergency and when can we expect her to be back at PG.

Feedback mechanism

We have a compassionate woman leading the management staff. Any concern or queries related to safety, security or well being can be shared freely. We address your concerns on priority.

We follow a stringent process with zero tolerance to any compromise. Till now, there has not been a single incident where the safety of your ward is being compromised. We invite parents to visit their daughters so that they get a first-hand view of all safety and security arrangements.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Drop an email to ggngirlspg@gmail.com or call 9871659945.